H18稀疏Pyro提高精度解算器Sparse Pyro Upres solver for H18+ [hipfile]


  1. Do a classic sparse simulation
  2. Add a upres configure input


it will configure the inputs by renaming them and deleting useless fields


  1. Make the upres


3.a. First thing to do is to match the parameters of your lowres pyro on the upres pyro
To do so you have an automated python script in the match properties tab. Just drag your lowres pyro and click match properties. The python code will copy and paste all the needed params for the upres. Then you can play the upres it s configured.


3b. You can add more or less noises in the tab Solving > shape. The noise is advected through the vel field and merge with so you will have a nicer noises than classical upres noises which appears to much procedurals


3c. Sourcing is automated from the configure input and the python script. Vel / grad / lowdensity are automated and copyed
You need at least a density and a vel from the lowres sim since the noise is based on the gradient of the density


Other fields are imported from the lowres pyro simulated from the python script


3d. You can add more or less max substeps if the simulation is steppy in the tab Solving > Advanced


3e. the export is automated from the python script to


3f. Collision is detected from the detail attribut ‘has_collision’ created by the configure input when you match properties with the python script


If the python script finds 1 it will correct collision to ensure proper collision of your upres simulation in the tab Setup.




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