Gumroad – Houdini 18 – Procedural Prop Modeling – Chinese Knife

Procedural Prop Modeling

Houdini 18 – Procedural Prop Modeling – Chinese Knife : In this next Indie-Pixel Mini-Course we will walk through the entire process of creating a Chinese Knife prop for your game development projects. You will be taken through each step of the process from procedural modeling in Houdini, to texturing in Substance Painter, then finally setting up the the prop in a Unity scene.

What you Will Learn:

  • The Basics of Procedural Modeling
  • The Basics of Procedural UV’s
  • How to Create Low and High Res meshes in Houdini
  • How to Export from Houdini
  • Setting up a Substance Painter Project
  • How to Texture with Substance Painter 2019
  • How to set up a scene in Unity 2019
  • How to Match the Look of Painter in Unity

What you Get:

  • Complete Houdini Project
  • Complete Substance Painter Project
  • Complete Unity Project
  • Over 2.5 Hours of Video Training in 1080P

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