Sword Trail FX | Houdini & Nuke ( Hip file + Renders + Nuke Script )

Please Read

Included are:

  • Full Houdini Setup of Environment, all FX
  • All shaders, AOVs and render setups
  • Full comp setup of the final artwork from video
  • Links to every gizmo and asset ( character, saber hilt ) used

Please keep in mind that while most of the FX are rendered in Mantra I also render the smoke sim and one volumetric effect in Redshift along with the environment, character and atmos.

The nuke scripts are in the .nk format and the Houdini files are in .hiplc

Some Nuke versions will not be compatible with opening the script ( non-commercial etc. ) so if you are having trouble opening the file in any way shoot me an email and I can send you screenshots of any node or anything else you might request.

Hope you learn alot from these files and thank you so much for supporting me.

This product includes a Hip file, Renders, Nuke Script, and 3D models for the project.

This project was done in Houdini 19.0.383. I used Mantra and Arnold for this project. You might need to cache all the files so it will run smoothly!
这个项目在Houdini 19.0.383中完成。我在这个项目中使用了Mantra和Arnold。您可能需要缓存所有的文件,这样它将顺利运行!

Thank you for purchasing! Please check out my Youtube channel for the tutorials



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